Like our mission statement says, Wine on Main is truly “An Experience for Everyone.”

Wine is more than what’s in the bottle.  Each wine tells a story of history, family, and place.  While Wine on Main is a place to come shop for your favorite selections, it is also a place to come “experience” the world of wine firsthand.  Using her WSET Level II & III Certifications, Emma can help direct you to a great new find or guide you through a wine class.

At Wine on Main, we love working with “everyone.”  Whether you are a beginner looking to learn about wine basics or an aficionado looking for premium bottles, we have something for you.

We work closely with vineyards and smaller companies to obtain top quality wines at attractive price points from around the world.  You can find special offerings that you won’t find available elsewhere.  We have a diverse selection of wines lining our shelves, from the traditional to the unique.  What unites them is that we have tasted them, hand-picked them, and chosen them because of the stories they represent.

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