Wine Tasting

Have you ever wondered what a port wine from the Douro Valley in Portugal tastes like? Or, how about a Sangiovese from Italy?

A wine tasting at Wine on Main is just the way to find out.  Our wine tasting offers a 1 – 2 oz. sample of a few of our hand selected wines from around the world.

We make this memorable experience easy.  Visit our charming tasting room while you explore wines from around the world and we share our love and knowledge of wine.

Wine Tastings – Tuesday thru Saturday

Price: $12
3 samples of wines
(selected by Wine on Main)
No Reservations required

Wine on Main has added a variety of monthly specialized wine tastings to our calendar.  Please see our calendar for specialized wine tastings.

Wine on Main will be honoring all existing private wine tasting reservations and will also honor any gift cards that were intended for private wine tastings.  However, Wine on Main does not currently plan private wine tasting events.

Please look for updates on Wine on Main social media, newsletters and website calendar.

Always feel free to reach out to Jenn and Rich with any questions so that we may be able to accommodate as many tastings as possible.

Contact us today to answer questions about wine tastings.


* Must be 21 years old or older. 
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Welcome to Wine on Main Trivia! This is just a taste of what you'll get when you join us for our special trivia & wine tasting events. Test your wine knowledge now!

Who was the first U.S. president to serve wines made in the United States at the white house?
This bar staple is most commonly served in cocktails, but is actually a wine that can also be served on its own as an aperitif. What is it?
Where are wines from the Columbia Valley from?
What is the name of the largest wine bottle, which holds a massive 30 liters of wine?
Which country is the leading wine producer in the world?
In what country was the corkscrew invented?
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