We are opening up a second evening of our France vs. USA Wine Class.  While Tuesday’s class is now full, you can now join us the next night, Wednesday March 22 from 6:30-8pm.  It is $35/per person and limited to 20 people.  Sign-up below.

The Paris Wine Tasting of 1976, also known as the Judgment of Paris, was a pivotal event that had resounding implications for the wine industry at large.  Up until that point, French wines had been regarded as the best in the world while California was still a burgeoning wine region.  However, in that year, eleven French judges conducted a blind-tasting in which some France’s finest wines went up against wines from California.  To everyone’s shock, California took home first place, cementing its place as a prestigious wine-growing area.

In this wine class, you’ll be the judge!  We will taste three French wines against their Californian counterparts.  You’ll get to find out first-hand what the same varietals taste like when they come from different countries and undergo different winemaking techniques.

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