I can’t believe it’s March!  And I can’t believe there’s snow on the ground… and more on the way?!

If you haven’t already seen it, we decided to postpone this Saturday’s free wine tasting with Crush Distributors and Runner’s Alley to next Saturday, March 11 due to the weather.  All of the details are the same, but we’re hoping for nicer weather both for drinking wine and for the runners.

My craving for warmer weather is definitely evident here at the shop.  Many of the new bottles I’ve brought in look like they came from your favorite florist.  The Huber Sparkling White with the snowflake on the label has been replaced by its Rose counterpart.  The label has pretty pink flowers that were painted by Markus Huber’s wife.  I’m also looking forward to you tasting the Carbonic Carignan from SANS Wine Company; it’s part of the line-up for Saturday’s tasting.  It’s an effervescent red wine (we love those!) with flowers on the label.

We still have two bottles of Vaiven White Tempranillo here.  In addition to being a fun and unique find, it’s got pink and blue florals.  And don’t forget about the Leptir Orange Wine from Slovenia adorned with monarch butterflies!

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